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Brooms by Rosco
Model Short Description
 Rosco Challenger 7 Challenger 7 Brush Speed-0-180 rpm
 Rosco RB-50 RB-50 Sweeping Path-7'6"; Broom Diameter-32"
 Rosco SweepPro II SweepPro II Sweeping Path-7'6"; Broom Diameter-32"

Sweepers by Broce Broom
Model Short Description
 Broce Broom MK-1 MK-1 Wafer-10” x 32”
 Broce Broom 350 Series 350 Series Brush Size-8'
 Broce Broom 250 Series 250 Series Brush Size-6 3/8” ID x 24” OD; Brush Speed-192 RPM
 Broce Broom Turf Boss Turf Boss Brush Size-6 3/8" ID x 24" OD; Brush Speed-Variable to 192 rpm
 Broce Broom BW-260 BW-260 Brush Speed-Variable broom speed

Brooms by LBP
Model Short Description
 LBP CB-95 CB-95 Brush Speed-200 rpm
 LBP FB-90B FB-90B Brush Speed-0-180 rpm